Where is drop off?

At the Forest Lake Academy Gymnasium

What are the hours of the camp? 

8a.m. to 5p.m. are the regular camp hours. You can drop off your child as early as 7:00 a.m. and pick him/her up as late as 6:00 p.m. but there is an additional fee.  

What is the age range of campers that you have? 


What is the price? 

$175 per week*. There is also an additional $30 registration fee per camper. A daily fee can apply if the camper is coming three or less days. The daily fee is $35 per day except for Wednesday when there is a $40 charge (because of additional cost of the field trip). June 1-4 is $140 for the week due to no camp on that Monday.

Do you offer any half-day rates? 

Half Day - $87.50 week (excludes Wednesday) Morning 8am-12pm OR Afternoon 1pm-5pm

Do you offer any discounts?  

Yes, for families that have three or more campers staying for the whole week will have a $30 discount off the total cost.

Does my child need to bring a lunch? 

Yes, even for field trips.

What is the latest I can drop off my child or the earliest I can pick him/her up?  

Whatever time you need to pick up or drop off your child is okay with us. Whenever they arrive they can join in the activity. There is a $3 fee per 15 minutes early/late you are. Except for Wednesdays when we leave in the morning for a field trip, on these field trip days, your child CANNOT be dropped off late. 

What kinds of activities are offered? 

  Field trips, crafts, stories, athletic and recreational games, and a variety of sports classes. Where do you go for your field trips? Roller Skating, Laser Tag, Bowling, Game Truck, Chuck E. Cheese (younger kids), and RDV Ice Skating (older kids).

Does the field trip cost extra money?  

No, all field trips are included in the camp fee.

How do you supervise the campers on their field trips? 

When we go on a field trip, each staff member brings an additional qualified person to assist them in supervision. This allows us to maintain a ratio of about 1 counselor to every 4 campers.

Do we need to send extra money for the field trips?

  That is up to your discretion.

  What should my child bring to camp? 

Tennis shoes (they must be worn at all times), lunch (and snack), and quarters (for snacks, juice boxes, and popsicles).

Is there anything that they cannot bring? 

Jewelry, electronic games, CD players, iPods, or other valuables that could get lost or damaged. If any of these or any similar items are found, they will be given to the director for the duration of the day and will be returned to the parent at pick-up.